Why Can’t Doctors Make a Cure for Herpes?

Herpes – A Transferable Skin Infection

Herpes is an immensely contagious infection and anyone can be affected by this disease. Almost 75-85 % people across the world have been affected by this disease and this number is going to rise in upcoming decades. No one is safe from this virus, from a toddler to an old aged man anyone can be affected by this virus but women are at higher risk of getting this virus than that of men. It is disease that affects different part of your skin and causes different psychological as well as physical symptoms. This is a type of disease that caused by two stubborn virus that are named Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV-1) and Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV-2). We are calling this virus stubborn just because once these viruses entered in your body then there is no way to get rid of this virus. Once these virus have entered in your body may remain in your body forever until your last breath. These virus causes many different symptoms such as cold sores, redness of the skin, pain during sex, irritation, painful blisters and pustules and many other symptoms that are not life threatening but still has potential to take lives indirectly.

Cure For Herpes

At the moment there is no cure available for this virus and if anyone gets affected by this virus then it has to suffer this virus for lifetime. Actually today in this modern world there is no cure available for any kind of virus and if once any kind of virus entered in your then it will not get out of your body for your life time. home remediesBut it doesn’t mean that doctors are not trying to develop herpes cure. People often complaint about why there is no cure for herpes¬†and even some people Judges their dermatologist from the doubt-filled eyes. But the truth is that indeed there is no cure available for this virus. The real issue is that herpes virus behaves in a complex way that makes it very difficult to attempt cure. There are some medications as well as natural remedies that help in herpes symptoms but developing symptoms soothing techniques is way different from pulling out this virus from your body. When herpes infection are not active then herpes virus hides out in the deep cells of your nervous system and that is the region where your drug can’t find this virus and reason of it, it becomes very difficult to get rid of this virus entirely. But still there are many physician who are working hard and leaving no stone unturned. But it is a topic where we have to keep patience as we have some positive progress in this field. We are gradually but steadily stepping towards the cure of herpes and that day is not far away when we will finally have the cure for herpes infection. So keep some patience and be positive.

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