Herpes Is Curable Now With Herpes Natural Remedies

Herpes – A Skin Type Disease

Herpes is an immensely contagious disease that is related to your skin. This is a type of disease that only affects your skin and causes different painful symptoms; it is not only affects your body but also affects you psychologically. Herpes disease caused by a family of virus that is named herpes family and there are two types of virus in this family that causes herpes infection. At the moment there is no cure for herpes available and if anyone gets affected by this virus then this virus may remain in their body forever and keep stimulating symptoms of this virus again and again. Herpes Simplex Virus 1 also abbreviated as HSV-1 is a virus of herpes family that usually affects your mouth and its surrounding area such as mouth, tongue, lips, nose and eyes.

hsv1 and hsv2 virusOn the other hand Herpes Simplex Virus 2 also abbreviated as HSV-2 is a type of virus that usually affects your genitals and its surrounding area such as anus, vulva, penis and thighs. These two viruses are the main cause of chronic skin disease or infection that not only affects physically but also psychologically. Symptoms of these viruses are almost same but there are some distinctive symptoms as well. Cold sores usually affect your mouth and pain during urination, pain while having sex, irritation in private parts are the symptoms of HSV-2. Apart of that they have some common symptoms such as redness on the skin, a group of painful blisters and pustules that form lesion, swelling of the skin. Lesion of these infections can be very filthy to see and that is the reason why people usually get depressed with these symptoms and often become the victims of inferiority complex and it often results in bad end. Therefore it is imperative to treat this infection as soon as possible and for it nothing can be better than the use of natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are often free of any side effects so you can use this option in effective treatment of herpes. Those ingredients are:

Best Home Remedies For Herpes 

Aloe vera:aleovera for herpes

Aloe vera for herpes. Aloe vera is one of those treatment options that have influence in any kind of infection and disease. It is one of the most nutrition-dense natural plants that no other plant can compete it. It is full of high level nutrition that boosts your immune system and it has anti-inflammatory effects as well that will surely help you get rid of herpes symptoms.

Echinacea: echinacea for hepes

Echinacea is a herb with powerful anti-viral properties that helps in fighting with herpes virus. It also helps in improving your immune system. It can be one of the best treatment options not only for herpes infection but any kind of infection or disease.

Honey:honey for herpes

Honey has been used for thousands of years since its discovery just because it has the capability to treat any disease on its own. It is blessed with anti-inflammatory as well as anti-viral properties that can be effective in herpes treatment. It also moisture the skin that soothe in herpes lesions. Read more to know details about honey and herpes.

Lemon Balm:

lemon balm for herpesLemon balm is one of the most effective treatment option for herpes virus. It has flavonoids which help in healing the sores and lesion.


Nothing can feel better than ice-cube on burning lesions. If you want instant relief then you should enjoy ice-cubes on your lesions that will immensely soothe you from burning.

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